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HIPAA HITECH Security and Compliance Management - Protecting PHI

What is Aegify SecureGRC?

medical practicesSecureGRC is a continuous security monitoring and compliance management solution built on a framework approach that allows organizations to gain control and improve compliance levels across more than 400+ regulations, covering HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, SOX, ISO, COBIT and other country-specific regulations. With its built-in vulnerability scanning technology, security and compliance monitoring becomes simple and effective.

SecureGRC is designed for use by large enterprises as well as small and medium-size businesses to continuously monitor security and effectively ensure compliance to regulations / standards. This demystifies complex compliance regulations and standards.

How does SecureGRC help you manage compliance to HIPAA / HITECH?

eGestalt offers ready to use compliance services under HIPAA / HITECH Act and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), to address the requirements of healthcare businesses including assessment of security and compliance levels of Business Associates of healthcare businesses.

SecureGRC Security and compliance management features

  • Do-It-Once, Multiple Regulation harmonization: Helps harmonizing multiple regulations–now and in the future with automatic updates to changes in regulatory requirements.
  • Automatically scans your existing assets, assessing their vulnerability to security attacks, and providing you a quick status of the current security and compliance levels through Security Posture Management (SPM).
  • Offers ready to use assessment and Policy Document templates that can be customized by the user to meet their requirements.
  • Simplifies the complex and time-consuming process of achieving and maintaining security and compliance with a simple questionnaire.
  • After the initial survey with inputs from multiple departments, SecureGRC unique risk calculator helps prioritize the security and compliance areas requiring focus. The built-in Best Practices Library then explains how to resolve every open issue with common sense approach.egestalt
  • Dashboards present the status of progress towards compliance at any moment, listing tasks that still need to be performed for remediation.
  • Once the assessment is complete, your channel partner/Auditor/Reviewer would review the answers and make suggestions on how to resolve the remaining open issues. SecureGRC has suggested ways of solving the problem or best practices.
  • All data is stored in a SaS 70 Type II secure data centre and no electronic record information is removed from a client site.
  • SecureGRC provides detailed risk analysis with complete security and guidance on all relevant aspects of medical practices. This would help in demonstrating the appropriate level of Meaningful Use and receive reimbursements from the federal government quickly.
  • The solution helps track and manage Business Associate compliance documentation.
  • Delivered via the cloud, eGestalt constantly updates the latest compliance requirements.
  • The solution requires no hardware or software investments and can be implemented quickly without worrying about technical support or backup requirements while also receiving the benefit of a future-proof compliance solution.
  • Built-in best-practices library, policy templates and implementation procedures that can be easily customized.
  • SecureGRC is delivered by a channel of highly-trained eGestalt Managed Compliance Partners that quickly and professionally implement the automated solution. Each provider is trained to help organizations quickly learn to take rapid action to resolve any out-of-compliance processes or systems.
  • The eGestalt channel program, called Managed Channel Partners (MCP), offers solution providers an effective way to easily expand their service offerings and revenue by tapping into the lucrative IT healthcare market. eGestalt offers private branding and provides all the required training as well as marketing and sales collateral along with access to demo versions that help solution providers identify prospects and generate sales.
  • SecureGRC powered by Rapid7 technologies helps you comply with §164.308 to §164.316 of the HIPAA Security Rule by:
    • Performing asset discovery, vulnerability detection, event management, and compliance reporting on work stations, as well as automated monitoring of IT policies with the ability to edit the encapsulated policies, best practices, and implementation brief
    • Automating HIPAA audit requirements provides you a broad, deep, and most accurate mapping of vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure relating to hardware and software. This combined with SecureGRC's comprehensive security and compliance assessment provides you a complete picture on vulnerabilities not limited to just the hardware or software or scanning for patch updates. No independent vulnerability scanners can provide you a comprehensive security and compliance Assessment as what Security Posture Management could offer.

Simple steps for Security and HIPAA/HITECH Compliance

cloud based
Auto-discover security and compliance issues – Some assets are critical to your business. Tracking such assets from threat and vulnerability perspectives and estimating the risks effectively, provides you with a quick blue print for action to mitigate risks from operating systems, network devices, firewalls, Intrusion detection systems, web applications, databases, adware or spywares, etc. SecureGRC does a complete scan and populates the compliance controls with automated answers and makes it easier for assessment, audit review, and implementing remedial measures, speeding the audit process with its auto-review and cross-system impact analysis features.

cloud based
Cloud-Based Self-Assessment – Simplifies the compliance assessment survey for users on topics such as privacy, security and procedures related to a regulation or standard requiring compliance. During the survey, users have access to extensive online help that make answering questions easy. As the survey is completed, the software analyses responses and gathers strong as well as weak practice segments. Organizations then receive a complete snapshot of their compliance and risk status that can be viewed online at any time.

compliance document
Upload Compliance Documents Into Secure Online Repository – As organizations complete the assessment, attaching documentary evidence of policies, procedures, practices or agreements with business associates, is simple. Users will be prompted to upload them to SecureGRC document repository that are required as part of the audit review.

Assess your risks – SecureGRC helps you assess your risk through a systematic algorithmic analysis fine tuned to the regulatory requirements. Select an Authority document. Customize the risk parameters for each of the control citations. Define and set the risk threshold limits based on detailed Impact descriptions for each of the risk ratings.

compliance report
Action Roadmap – After the survey, SecureGRC generates an action roadmap that lists all of the "To Do's" to achieve compliance. Urgent matters are highlighted, and a suggested course of action is explained in detail. eGestalt also schedules a live one-on-one phone call to explain any open questions and provide assistance on how to resolve issues.

compliance roadmap
Complete Compliance Roadmap Action Items – Organizations can address the "To-Do" items at their own pace while remembering that completing the compliance report may have deadlines dictated by the regulation. If difficulties occur at any point during the process, users can contact eGestalt for assistance. This may include process/procedure modifications within the practice, personnel adjustments, training and hardware/software upgrades.

Repeat regularly to stay secure and compliant

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